Foreign Accent Syndrome?

Talk about strange.  Apparently there is a peculiar malady called “Foreign Accent Syndrome”.  According to, people hit their heads and develop accents from places they’ve never even visited.  Example:  Woman in Fairfax County, VA, falls and hits her head in a stairwell at a 4-H youth conference and suddenly starts speaking English with a foreign accent.  She’s now suing the National 4-H Council for $1 million.  Even more peculiar, a women in England suffered a migraine last spring and began speaking with a Chinese accent.  Or how about this?  In April a 13-year-old girl from Croatia woke up one morning speaking only German.  She’d been studying it in school and entirely lost her native language ability.  This is from a condition called “bilingual aphasia”.

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Think of all the people who thought they had no foreign language aptitude.  Who knew it would just take a knock on the head?!

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